Traditional Touch Premium Prayer Shawl Talit

Turkish Tallits are made of thicker wool. The heavier wool and wider Black stripes are the defining characteristics of this high quality prayer shawl. Made in Israel. Premium option includes Lining, Side bands & thick tzizit Hand made strings

Fine Feather Light Weight Supreme Tallit

100% Lightweight Wool, specially treated to be stain resistant, Slip Proof, Permanent Knotted strings. Featuring custom width size of 67″. Thick Hand Tied Strings Included in Price.

New Chabad Hameshubach Tallit

Chabad Tallis Hameshubach 100% Wool with weave design. Silk Lining Included. Innovative non slip features the combination of a new, finely woven textured fabric, and a narrower cut as well as being ultra-light, and incorporating all the Chabad hidurim. kesher shel kayama (permanent knot), matching sidebands, premium quality, ultra white, lighter weight fabric, stain protection, and non-slip & no fray Tzitzis.

The Chabad Tzitzis features an amazingly lightweight new wool fabric and the signature benefits of every pair of Tzitzis doubly reinforced neck for extra comfort and durability, machine washable, no-knotting Tzitzis strings certified kosher by Rav Vosner Shlita.

Wool Prayer Shawl

100% Classic Wool Tallith White Stripes

This tallith is of the highest quality, classic 100% wool. Choose your size and format of tzizit strings tye. Choosing no options will ship with standard tied ashkenaz tzizit. Usually most tallits are tied in the standard Ashkenaz. Neckband has a fancy design that blends with the tallit worn. Photo depicts Large Size 71/72″. Kosher by the strictist orthodox standards. Made in Israel.

Chabad Tallit – Chabad Tallis

Chabad Tallit. The Chabad tallit featuring Chabad special 100% Lamb’s wool and striping, cotton lining comes standard on this Chabad tallit. Angled double Tzitzit holes, and Chabad tied tzitzis and no atarah. The Chabad Tallit. We sell the Chabad Tallis at the best price to all the Chabad houses across the world.

A Crochet Prayer Shawl

This talis has the feel of silk without the price. Made of raw silk. Talis comes with matching kipa and bag. Solid color fringes adorn this tallit.

Talis Bnei Or in Reds

100% Virgin Wool – Vibrant Colored Talis Bnei Or . A Wonderful Set colorful wool tallit that is vibrant and available with matching bag and kippah.

Hand Woven Knitted Prayer Shawl

Hand Woven Knitted Prayer Shawl Textured 100% wool tallit. Fine quality and workmanship. Price includes matching Talis Bag and Kipah.