Prayer Shawl Store Sale

We are the official source for prayer shawls online. For over 20 years, prayershawl (Division of ahuva Inc) has been supplying Temples, Ministries, Churches and Synagogues. We feature the highest quality and selection of knit shawls for prayer. Manufactured in Israel, our prayer shawls are warehoused in the USA. This means fast shipping within the USA and Israel for worldwide delivery. Wrap yourself within a full body prayer shawl or stole.

Our selection of shawls and stoles are the best in the world. Our custom service for embroidery, size and accessories are unmatched by any in the industry. That is why we remain the No. 1 supplier of prayer shawls in the world. Shop and browse online with confidence. You will receive the best value and quality in the industry.

The Torah (Bible) commands us to wear a four corner garment requiring tzitzit fringes. this is to remind us of our duty of G-d’s presence and guard us from many distractions especially those of the eyes. Buy your prayer Shawl at the official Prayer Shawl Warehouse here. We are a specialist store to carry the full array of Kosher prayer garments made in Israel. We deliver to your door with a price, quality and selection guarantee.

Choosing Knit Stole Size

The most common sized shawl is 18 x 72″ and it’s also the smallest prayer shawl size for adults. 18″ is the size from the neck going down the back. 72″ is the length from arm to arm and usually drapes over the front of the chest. Increase your prayer shawl size to 24″ for only a minimal cost or 36″ and it begins to reach two thirds down your back.  A fully body prayer shawl is approx 50″ and up and can be flipped over your shoulders and drape down your back. Next, what material to choose ?

Prayer Shawl  Materials

Shawls come in a variety of materials.  Wool is the classic material worn by orthodox Jews and often striped in white , blue or black stripes.  For women wool, silk and organza are popular choices. All materials are kosher for a tallit. You’ll find the classic material is wool and yet viscose and acrylic are now a new and preferred material that acts as wool yet it keeps whiter, looks and feels the same and often at a price advantage.

For a more feminine look silk and organza materials are used. Silk in particular is a unisex material and often used as panels on a viscose or wool background. Organza is a lightweight see through material that often blends and fits in nicely to accentuate the clothing worn underneath. In all cases, what remains true is that it is always a four cornered garment with kosher certified tzizit tied in Israel. We’ve made in simple to drill down your search preference by choose “material” as an advanced search option found on the left side of your shopping page.


We carry every color option both in striped and background. When shopping our store, you’ll find on the left a search refinement by material and color. Choosing “all colors” you’ll find selection of specific designs in multiple colors all in one product, so be sure to use this option despite your color preference.

Four Corner Fringes & Blue Thread

One of our many specialties offered in buying a prayer shawl is that of specially tied techelet strings. Techelet is the blue dye that was originally commanded by the Torah to wear as a single strand on each corner. It’s blue reminds one of the blue sea, which then reflects up to the holy throne of G-d. Techelet strings are not a requirement and in fact since Jews were forced into exile, they were no longer able to obtain the blue dye according to biblical requirements had to be done through the “chilazon” which today many identify as a type of snail found off the shores of Israel.  As a result, over the years, techelet tzizit’s identity had become obscured and Jews around the world stopped wearing it.

With the return of Zion and the modern state of Israel, the Rabbinical authorities have begun to uncover and re-discover the Chilazon’s true identity. Yet, for the most part, most Jews continue to wear the standard white wool tzizit. It should be noted, all our tzizit and tallits are exclusively manufactured by hand or machine in Israel under the strictest laws of  kashruth by all standards. So when you purchase a prayer shawl with us, you can rest assured you’re receiving the most authentic set money can purchase.

Custom Embroidery

As a superb feature and specialty, we offer custom embroidery on most all our shawls. Yes, you may embroider in large or small a name, a biblical phrase on a corner or accross the back of your shawl. Many customers choose to embroider their name on the bag and corner of tallit while our Christian friends and ministries order shawls with biblical phrases from Isiah and the like, such as “G-d is My Sheppard I Shall Not Falter”.  Get your custom embroidery done for that unique special prayer shawl that you’ll wear and connect to the almighty for a lifetime.

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