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Shop a Prayer Shawls for Men. Men’s Prayer Shawls have become an essential gift idea and wardrobe addition for every man and male reaching the age of maturity. The prayer shawl designed for men are bold and unique in design and color with options for classic stripes or unique depictions of the Bible.

Shawl Colors

Classic colors of navy, black, grey combine on striped wool prayer shawls for the classical men’s shawl. The prayer around the neck band may be a matching design of color and fabric or the prayer in original hebrew or english “Blessed art you O God who has commanded us to dawn the prayer shawl”. The corners of your shawl depict in matching material and design what is worn around the neck. We may optionally embroider special name or even biblical phrase from the Bible to make your men’s prayer shawl spectacular, unique and meaningful.  We offer special embroidery in all colors and languages.We carry specially form fitted clergy shawls. These clergy shawls are form fitted to comfortably be worn around the neck and ideal for pastors. Superb comfort and honor is depicted in our clergy prayer shawls, a must for every clergy and pastor. All our fringes and tzizit are hand tied with kosher authentic wool strings according to biblical law and made in Israel.When it comes to Prayer shawls for men, you’ve come to the authentic source.